About Us

Manufacturer’s Edge is a statewide manufacturing assistance center, partially funded by the NIST Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP). Manufacturer’s Edge encourages the strength and competitiveness of Colorado manufacturers through onsite technical assistance through coaching, training, and consulting, collaboration-focused industry programs, and leveraging government, university and economic development partnerships.

Through onsite support and technical assistance, Manufacturer’s Edge works to boost the competitiveness of Colorado manufacturers. The Manufacturer’s Edge’s experienced engineers and business professionals have skills in manufacturing, management, process improvements and technology acceleration and work closely with manufacturers to provide company assessments and customized solutions including hands-on facilitation and implementation.

Manufacturer’s Edge is committed to maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction and providing results that improve a company’s bottom line.

Economic impact is significant as reflected below:

Estimates of Client Benefits – Cumulative July 2012 thru September 2015


In and effort to strengthen and grow the Colorado manufacturing community, Manufacturer’s Edge has developed the Manufacturer’s Connect Tool designed to fortify the supply chain by enabling companies to search for local suppliers and collaborate on larger national and international opportunities. By partnering with Colorado universities and national laboratories, Manufacturer’s Edge helps manufacturers access academic resources and identify technology to integrate with their product development. Business networks are imperative to achieving regional industry growth and Manufacturer’s Edge has been a key driver in the initiation of manufacturing taskforces across the state. These taskforces provide a platform for business leaders to learn from other successful business pioneers, share technical knowledge and innovations, and uncover strategic partnership opportunities. As a statewide manufacturing advocate, Manufacturer’s Edge provides industry analysis to support economic development initiatives.

For more details on the services listed above please visit our services page or contact your local Regional Director for more information.