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Leaders of world-class organizations have discovered the journey to excellence is built upon a succession of very small improvements in ALL areas of the company over a long period of time. Learn more...

Methods and principles to help companies overcome time to market, portfolio management, design and development resource, and new product cost challenges. Learn more...

A strategic approach to solving the challenges of U.S. manufacturers by promoting a better flow of product from suppliers to customers resulting in reduced costs, improved quality and shortened lead times. Learn more...

Rising energy costs, resource shortages, customer sustainability demands – challenges like these are transforming the world in which we do business and require manufacturers to utilize innovative resources in order to remain profitable, competitive and sustainable. Learn more...

Empowering the workforce by providing information, tools and methodologies to enhance productivity and communication while increasing safety. Learn more...

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    REO Makes Big Changes to Better Serve Clients and Create a Positive Internal Culture Where Employees Are Empowered and Invested

    When Paul Kelly was named President and CEO of Research Electro Optics three years ago, he not only brought with him more than 30 years of experience in manufacturing, but also a mission to take REO to the next level of performance and to an age of faster growth. It is not unusual for a company that has been around for more than 40 years to hit a plateau, and as Kelly says, “a company that is flat is a company that is falling behind.”

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    The September 2015 newsletter highlights a handful of exciting events and news items from around Colorado, including an article from the MEP Director, the CSBR recent road trip, an ROI calculator, new Enterprise Zones, the upcoming NoCo Mini Maker Faire, Fort Collins MFG Day Proclamation, and the Innovative Manufacturer: Munro Companies

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